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Certain micronutrients are absorbed through the same processes and channels in the body. A good example of this is calcium and zinc. If a calcium/zinc powder mixture is taken, both components will be released simultaneously in the intestine. The intestinal cells then start to absorb calcium. Calcium uses certain uptake channels, which are limited in number. Zinc, which is also absorbed via these channels, is blocked by the amount of calcium and in many cases it will mostly remain in the intestines until it is excreted. For this reason, certain micronutrients cannot be administered together in the same form.

Also certain ingredients, such as vitamin C, are water soluble and if you take them in a single dose, it will be absorbed all at once, resulting in a peak concentration in the blood, but also a quick release from the body. It is much wiser to take smaller amounts of vitamin C spread out over the day. But who has time for that?

GenLife has he perfect solution for this: Our proprietary MicroTransporters.


The MicroTransporters are designed so that mutually blocking substances are not contained within the same pellets. This way calcium is released in one location in the intestine and zinc is released in another location. This way, each of these micronutrients are released at a distance from one another and uptake inhibition is reduced to a minimum. Bioavailability is at its maximum.


It is also known that certain micronutrients can increase each others absorption. This is why they are released together from the same micro-transporter, so that absorption of micronutrients is increased; this is the case for vitamin D and calcium.


Certain fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin E need fat carriers in order to be absorbed into the body. The MicroTransporters store the Vitamin E for hours, until they come into contact with fat from your next meal, which means that the vitamin can then be absorbed. 


The MicroTransporters are designed that they release their valuable ingredients at a constant pace. Not just all at once, but amount by amount, maximizing their effect in our body.

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