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The human body consists of around fifty billion cells, all containing the DNA double helix, storing our genetic code, which determines everything in our body. How we are built, how the cells are functioning, what eye color we have, how tall we are, but also what health concerns we are prone to.

The code is laid down in DNA with 4 letters: A, T, G can C. These biological letters make up our biological code. DNA is therefore a manual to our body. If we are able to read that code, and understand what it means, we have the power of analysing your biochemistry in every detail.

But what’s more important and much more powerful in our today’s life: we have the power to predict which health concerns you are likely going to be facing later in your life. 


Our DNA is our body’s manual, but most of us have variations, caused by misspellings of the biological words. If it is a harmless change, nothing will happen, but if the change is more serious, or disrupting, smaller or bigger changes in your body can happen.


It is estimated that every one of us has around two thousand genetic variations, that influence our body in a negative way. They are not all as severe as causing life threatening diseases, but they can make our eye sight a little weaker or they can reduce the effectiveness of our immune system. There is a multitude of negative genetic variations that can influence our body and they are unique for all of us. They are the cause of a majority of our health concerns that we have.

GenHealth provides micronutrients of the right kind and in the right amount to restore and optimize the perfect biochemical function.

GenLab is one of the most modern and automated laboratories in Europe, and has numerous certifications and quality assurance systems that meet international standards or even exceed them. 

Our laboratory is located in Salzburg in Austria, and is run by Ph.D. biotechnologists and laboratory technicians. We organize visits to GenLab to give our customers the possibility to see how GenTest is performed and how their unique GenHealth is made.

Your DNA is guaranteed in safe hands, which is also true for all your data. Your sample is anonimized and only you have access to your information via our secure online portal. 

Watch the GenLab Video to learn about the unique process of analysing your biochemistry.

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