GenHealth is marketed through the direct sales channel. This channel involves GenLife Health Advisors that use GenHealth or GenBeauty themselves and share the GenHealth and GenBeauty story with their networks. For that activity GenLife rewards these Health Advisors financially. We have created a lucrative international rewards plan called GenWealth. This plan rewards the most important activities that have been proven to grow a business as effectively as possible.

We encourage you to discuss your earning potential with the person who has introduced you to GenLife, called your sponsor. This person can give you insight in how you can maximize your income potential by simply sharing your story with people around you, on a world-wide scale. 



Earn up to EUR 149.50 for every personally sponsored GenLife Health Advisor or Customer. Every time, for ever



Earn on the recruiting of your personally enrolled GHAs



Earn royalty on the combined GenHealth purchases of your team up to 8 levels deep​



When you reach the senior levels in GenWealth you share in the annual GenHealth world-wide revenue



​Multiply your income by opening a second, third and fourth business center


Compensation plans are designed to reward those activities that make you most successful. In building your team, in creating a culture of duplication, in supporting your team through your leadership. That is why we offer 5 unique different ways of rewarding you for helping building our GenLife business worldwide.

The first step of starting your business is that you register yourself with GenLife. You provide us with your contact details, and some other personal information. You  receive our GenTest and you decide for the GenLife Autoship programme, that makes sure that you receive your GenHealth every month. 

Right from that moment on, you can create a team by inspiring other people in the markets where we are open to do the same as you have done. That is called duplication. 

You place these people in a certain position in your organisation. We call that organisation your downline. Just as you have been placed in another GenLife leaders team, you place your new members in your team at a position of your choosing. It is important for us to know that you enrolled the person, and where in your downline this new member is placed. We keep track of the Enroller (you) and the Upline (the team member under whom you placed the new team member).

By building your team in that way you will create a two dimensional organisation that can have thousands of team members in it. Every member of your team should have a monthly purchase of GenHealth and if they do, they receive 1 GenLife Health Point (GHP). 

In GenWealth, we consider 4 different groups of points:


1. Your Personal GHPs. We check every month if you have earned your own GHP. This is important as you can only earn commissions from our compensation plan if you have your own GHP. That makes sense, since how can you be an active GenLife Health Team Member if you don't use our product yourself?


2. We sum all the GHPs in your entire team and call that your Organisation Volume, or OV. This is the total amount of GHPs that your entire team or downline generates on a monthly basis. 

3. We sum all the GHPs in every leg of your organisation. A leg is defined as the sub-teams under each and every member that is directly placed under you. 


4. Finally, we sum all the GHPs in every generation of your organisation  A generation is that group of team members that are separated from you with an equal amount of people between them and you. So we have e.g. your first generation which comprises of the people that are directly placed under you. The second generation are those members that are placed directly under all members that are directly placed under you. 

An ideal organisation has a certain depth (number of generations), and a certain width (number of legs). Your commission from GenWealth will be determined by your volume that flows through your organisation that is determined on a monthly basis.